Software Asset Management is a practice of effective control of a full software lifecycle from the moment of budget/purchase planning till disposition/deletion.

Phases of a SAM project?

Inventory tool selection

We can pick up inventory tools with due regard to your business requirements or involve the tools you already own, for instance System Center.


We analyze software at user PCs, servers and interconnection between them. Following the results of the research we provide the report.

Legal analysis

We compare purchased and used licenses, fully analyze the legal risks basing on contract documents, discover details and find hidden rocks.

Asset management process development

It is not enough to sort out your software only once. To keep it in order after the project we are studying the lifecycle of the software in the organization and offer regulations allowing to meet license requirements and show the opportunities for cost saving.

SAM Box: perfect solution for a quick start

The goal is to estimate the current situation in software assets. Fixed price and terms. Allows to take into account the assets of different vendors.

We can accurately analyze the installations of software from different vendors and categories thanks to good knowledge of product features and nuances of license agreements. We are well aware of where and how we should search for problems and ways to reduce expenses. This allows us to provide specialized services:

  • SAM Box for Oracle
  • SAM Box for SAP
  • SAM Box for IBM
  • SAM Box for VMware
  • SAM Box for Autodesk
  • SAM Box for Adobe