Platytec offers its customers software licensing, products and solutions from more than 3,000 IT-vendors.

Traditional Delivery of Software and Hardware

Platytec offers software delivery through the traditional purchase of licenses. A transaction is usually preceded by consultations and selection of the best product. Platytec services will help to effectively put purchased solutions into operation.

For Rent and as SaaS-Solutions

We offer to purchase a large number of software solutions as a service of subscription via the Internet-based access. In this case, applications are hosted by the Platytec data center, and there is no need for a customer to maintain an infrastructure required for its work.

SPLA, CSP, VSPP Programs

Service providers that offer services to end users based on Microsoft, Citrix, VMware or "Security Code" solutions can take advantage of these programs for their licensing. In this case, only actual software usage is paid by the end user.