Although Platytec operates in the field of information technologies, your business objectives have always been in our spotlight. This includes cost reduction, sales increase, customer relations, and the quality improvement of goods and services. We help customers to choose the right tools to solve these tasks, properly implement them and make arrangements required to achieve the desired effect. We create complex information systems and business solutions: websites, portals, e-commerce systems, and mobile applications to name a few.

Electronic Document Management and Business Process Automation

The range of tasks solved with the help of modern ECM-systems is significantly wider than the document flow automation. A lot of application solutions are based on the ECM technology.

  • Classic workflow
  • Contract management
  • Request and order handling
  • Conference and meeting management
  • Procurement management
  • Governmental (municipal) services and interdepartmental interaction
  • Intercorporate document flow
  • Approval of invoices for payment

Electronic Archives

Electronic archive of documents is a system of documents storage in electronic format, which provides:

  • Centralized safe storage and processing of document at all stages of their life cycle.
  • Privacy and access rights differentiation.
  • Tracing the history of document usage.
  • Easy and fast retrieval.

Stream Input of Documents and Data

Mass input of documents enable transference of a large number of financial, personnel and any other documents into electronic format. In addition to scanning and OCR, this solution envisages review and analysis of received documents, automatic retrieval of relevant information from an electronic image, creating an attributive description of the document.

Portal Solutions

Corporate portals enables solutions of many tasks, including:

  • Teamwork on projects.
  • Creation of a unified information storage.
  • Request handling.
  • Formalization of HR processes, personnel adaptation and development.

Having the extensive experience in the implementation of portals on different platforms, we often deal with the following types of projects:

  • Corporate portal implementation from scratch.
  • Portal migration to a new platform.
  • Certain modules development on an existing portal.
  • Portals support.

Business Intelligence (BI) Systems

Business Intelligence helps extract knowledge from a large volume of data and allows factual management decisions. Scenarios of business intelligence application include:

  • Identification of the unprofitable and profitable activities.
  • Sales planning, evaluation of the plan performance in real-time.
  • Budget planning, cash flow analysis.
  • Competition analysis, market research.
  • Efficiency index management.

Project Management

Project management solutions help to arrange activities on the project objective achievement with the optimal use of resources and time, and proper management of quality and risks.

We offer specialized information systems that support the entire life cycle of a project (initiation, planning and performance control), and adapt them to different industries.

Functionality of such systems covers scheduling, resource allocation by tasks, progress tracing, reporting, and much more.