Building or modernizing a data center is a complex project that includes many tasks. You need to create appropriate engineering infrastructure before installing the servers and configuring them to process data or handle queries. Softline has rich experience and comprehensive competences in substantiated data center design, construction or modernization.

Preparing the Premise

The architecture of the server room or premise should meet a number of requirements. It may be necessary to reinforce the floor structures to ensure their durability, and build a water drainage system for leakage protection. The data center project should also provide the possibility of installing the external cooling system units, pipelines and other equipment - and these features should be anticipated at the earliest project stages.


Climate control is necessary in the server rooms to protect the equipment from overheating or failures due to condensate or static discharge. Depending on the data center configuration, we can offer solutions with hot and cold aisles, and one or two air circuits. Power saving technologies such as free cooling, reduce data center operation costs.

Power Supply

To ensure data center operation, it is necessary to provide backup power source with sufficient time of offline work. We can provide necessary redundancy level for tasks of any importance: from N+1 to N+N. State-of-the-art modular power supply solutions enable maintenance and modernization without interruption of the entire system.

Engineering System Monitoring Control

Automated dispatch control systems monitor the state of engineering systems and enable real-time control over them from the operator’s workplace. These systems help optimize the controlled equipment operation and notify the maintenance personnel in case of emergencies.

Turnkey Data Center Construction

We have experience in data center construction from scratch, as well as all necessary licenses for their construction and design.

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  • Cost sheet development
  • Feasibility study development
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