Well-designed IT infrastructure lays a foundation for the introduction of application-based information systems, automation of business processes and improvement of operational efficiency. Platytec offers services on implementation of infrastructure projects - from delivery of hardware to management of interconnected systems’ operation.

Infrastructure Solutions

Basic Infrastructure

Basic IT infrastructure is a set of core services. It provides customer’s IT infrastructure with the most required functions, and enables to scale and introduces new solutions and technologies. Platytec performs a full range of works to create basic infrastructure.

  • Delivery, start up and adjustment of servers, storage, network infrastructure.
  • Installation of ActiveDirectory, services of corporate e-mail system.
  • Implementation of centralized updating, printing and file services.

Engineering Equipment

Before installing servers and configuring them for data or query processing, it is necessary to provide uninterruptible power supply, conditioning, networking, and to install and configure a management system for above mentioned equipment. Platytec has all necessary competences and rich experience in architecture design, and performs a full range of data center construction or modernization works.

  • Videoconferencing and video intelligence.
  • Conventional and smart structured cabling systems.
  • Conditioning.
  • Uninterruptible power supply.
  • Dispatching.

Networking Infrastructure

We help clients to create state-of-the-art networks with adaptive bandwidth, high reliability and cost efficiency. Platytec offers selection, delivery, installation and maintenance of networking equipment from the leading global vendors, as well as network design and planning.

  • Data transmission network.
  • Data transmission network security.
  • Teamwork solutions.
  • Networks for data centres.


Platytec offers a broad range of server, desktop and application virtualization services-provides management and security systems for virtual environments, delivers software and hardware (storage, thin and zero clients) for virtual infrastructure. Platytec offers virtualization solutions powered by VMware, Citrix and Microsoft technologies.

  • Server and storage virtualization.
  • Desktop virtualization (VDI/VDI 3D).
  • Network virtualization.
  • Application virtualization.

Management Systems

Management systems are a class of systems that allows various administration activities on any asset to be automated. It may be technical and non-technical objects, for example, people or processes. Platytec has expertise and experience required to implement the following projects of IT management systems:

  • Implementation of ServiceDesk and service automation systems.
  • Implementation of maintenance management and business continuity support systems.
  • Engineering of availability monitoring and network performance systems, infrastructure elements and applications.
  • Implementation of configuration management system.